They Knew You Well

Retribution Gospel Choir (2008) Retribution Gospel Choir

Jeez Louise

grandaddy (2006) just like the fambly cat


First Sight

These United States (2008) A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden


gravenhurst (2004) flashlight seasons

It Was a Very Good Year

little annie and paul wallfisch (2008) when good things happen to bad pianos

the turn

Fredo Viola (2008) The Turn


Be Late

tarwater (2002) dwellers on the treshold

My Funny Valentine

the czars (2006) sorry i made you cry


young gods (1992) tv sky

Hell Is Round The Corner

tricky (1995) maxinquaye


When We Refuse to Suffer

Jonathan Richman (2008) Because Her Beauty Is Raw & Wild

A New Dawn

a whisper in the noise (2007) dry land

A Life Worth Living

Aereogramme (2007) my heart has a wish that you would not go

This House is Empty Now

elvis costello & burt bacharach (1999) painted from memory



The Black Angels (2008) Directions to See A Ghost

The Island, Come And See, The Lan

the decemberists (2006) the crane wife

don't bring harry

the stranglers (1979) the raven

lucky number

lene lovich (1978) stateless


lost language

Monade (2008) Monstre Cosmic

Babylonian Warehouses

Pere Ubu (2006) Why I Hate Women

Tremelo Song

the charlatans (1992) between 10th and 11th


golden palominos (1996) dead inside


phil manzanera (1975) diamond head


The Decibels And The Little Pills

American Music Club (2008) The Golden Age


Chanel #5

va (2002) come on beautiful (the songs of american music club)


words of advice for the young people

william burroughs & disposable heroes of hiphoprisy(1993) spare ass annie and other tales

You Know Who I Am

leonard cohen (1969) songs from a room

down in the park

tubeway army (1979) replicas

No-One Driving

john foxx (1980) metamatic

The Water Jet Cilice

andrew bird (2007) soldier on ep

Streets of Laredo

john cale (1981) honi soit

New Position

Prince (1986)Parade - Music From the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon

Sixty Years On

elton john (1970)



james yorkston and the athletes (2004) just beyond the river

The Soul Of Carmen Miranda

john cale (1989) words for the dying

Everyday Is Like Sunday

morrisey (1988) viva hate

The Boys In The Band

gentle giant (1972) octopus

The Weeping

nick cave (1990) the good son


El Desierto

lhasa (1997) la llorona

Dress Rehearsal Rag

leonard cohen (1970) songs of love and hate


amália rodrigues (1970) com que voz

Ne chantez pas la mort

léo ferré (1973) Il n'y a plus rien


Inside A Boy

My Brightest Diamond (2008) A Thousand Shark's Teeth

song among the pine

Gravenhurst (2007) The Western Lands

september song

frank sinatra (1965) september of my years

love will tear us apart

swans (1989) the burning world


jacaszek (2008) treny

When Your Mind's Made Up

The Frames (2006) The Cost


the tiny (2005) close enough


The Veils (2004) The Runaway Found